You can find a number of articles and blog posts here addressing issues pertinent to what American Muslims face today. My journey into writing on the internet began with The Manrilla Blog:  Exploring Islam In America Through the Social Sciences (now defunct). My writings gradually took on a focus to address the reality of the American Muslim community.

Steeped in the intellectual tradition of Islam, I have endeavored to broker a new path of American Muslim thought by giving careful analysis of social and cultural trends of the diverse population of Muslims in America, seeking to provide a voice that at once speaks to the here and now of Muslims, yet rooted in the timeless philosophy of Islamic thought. My writing has been recognized through a number of venues, from the Philadelphia Inquirer as a top bookmark as well as the recipient of Best Design, in the 5th Annual Brass Crescent Awards.

I have broken up my writings here into two different formats: the longer of which can be found in the Articles section and the shorter in the Blog section.