Unapologetic: Good For God’s Sake

In a recent appearance on the Steve Harvey Show, Ibn Ali Miller, the brother who chose to interview between street youths fighting, demonstrates the importance of being grounded in being Muslim. I say this not because brother Ali chose to wear a thawb, or traditional Middle Eastern garb — this has nothing to do with Islam, per se (though it obviously means something to him as a Muslim!) — but because he’s so comfortable in being Muslim he’s not concerned about how this appears to others. For our Muslim youth today, what we need are not only Muslim leaders who can exude confidence, but regular ol’ uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters, etc., who are humble and confident. May Allah continue to bless brother Ibn Ali Miller to be an example to us all. Amin.

“I’m not a TV guy. This is not for me. I do you, Steve … I’ll be honest, I did you because of what you do off camera: Because you care about young black men in America”Ibn Ali Miller speaking to Steve Harvey

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