Remuneration for Teaching Islam

Some argue it should be, “for the sake of God”/في سبيل الله, i.e., free, but ‘Abd Allah ibn Mas’ûd — a great Companion of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and reciter of the Qur’an — says differently:

ثلاث لا بد للناس منهم: لا بد للناس من أمير يحكم بينهم ولو لا ذلك لأكل بعضهم بعضا، ولا بد للناس من شراء المصاحف وبيعها، ولو لا ذلك لقلّ كتاب الله، ولا بد للناس من معلم يعلم أولادهم وأخذ على ذلك أجرا ولو ذلك لكان الناس أميين

“There are three things which are indispensable for people: [1] They must have a commander who can judge between them otherwise they will cannibalize one another. [2] They must engage in the buying and selling of the Qur’an (mushaf) otherwise God’s Book will become rare amongst the people. [3] They must have an instructor who will teach their children and receive a remuneration for doing so otherwise the people will become illiterate.”

From Ibn Sahnûn’s Kitâb Âdâb al-Mu’allimîn.