Ode To Pieter Bruegel

Autophysiopsychic Partnership

Writings of the Yusef Lateef Quartet

by Yusef Lateef

Perhaps? born in Breda, directed by the

parish priest,

Pieter Breugel, artist with creative


“The Procession to Cavalry” his


Speaks prelude to public execution!

Strung up nerves, deeply moving

scene of Flemish working men,

Nature plays her part in the human


The thistle, seen in isolation from the vast

elaborately constructed picture to

which it belongs…

How well this minor detail summarizes

and symbolizes the conception

permeating the entire work,

It seems to reveal in a small compass the

mystery of all plant life.

The eye is led across a maze of colorful

incidents locked within the far

flung triangle of a unitary viewpoint

Skillfully portraying his accumulated

knowledge of man and nature,

concepts and figures: masterful

symmetry; esthetic realisms,

Breugel, whom the muses did graciously


How discreetly the local color sets off the

bright red of the soldiers’ garb,

painted by the master’s hand,

How remarkable is his handling of the

soil, spangled with patches of green,

brown and pink: an obliteration of

nature… and visual rapture.

Native crowd, tiny figures agitated,

moving in all directions, filling the

picture with vibrant life,

A stormy sky!… a bird of ill omen is

wheeling, denoting strife,

Carrion crows high in the air suggest the

vastness of space,

Clouds express poetic and poignant


Artistic passion and perfection was in his


…Peter Bruegel… Champion of

artistic expression, versed in the

anatomy of nature and man.

Copyright © 1973 by the Autophysiopsychic Partnership