2015 ISNA: “A Family Divided”

The following is an audio clip from my introductory remarks given at the 2015 ISNA presentation on “A Family Divided” with Jihad Turk, Namira Islam and moderated by Hazel Gomez:

“I want to ask you—and you should ask yourself this question: What is your goal with your family and your children? If your goal with your family and your children is to preserve and to perpetuate your ethnicity, and you have decided to immigrant to America, you may have just made the biggest mistake of your life.”

The Need For Imams in America

Some commentary on the growing imam crisis in the Muslim community. I do find this odd, though, in that many communities, while saying they are in dire need of an imam, refuse to offer dignified compensation or anything close to job security. Jihad Turk, president of Bayan, a new Muslim seminary in Claremont, California, offers some thoughts:

“The older immigrant generation has to understand it doesn’t matter where you’re from, your kids are American. And there’s a very real concern that that younger generation will not find the mosque a place that resonates with them if imams aren’t prepared to help them with their world,” said Mr. Turk.

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