Inmate Confesses To Killing Inmate

An Adrian man pleaded guilty Wednesday to a series of killings over the course of two decades, including the stabbing death of a fellow inmate at the Southern Michigan Prison in July 1986. Anthony Guy Walker, 53, who was arraigned in May in a cold case involving his killing of two women and a 10-month-old baby in 1979, also admitted to three other murders. One of those was the stabbing death of Daniel A. Staggs, then 40, of Genesee County. Staggs was serving a life sentence for armed robbery and was stabbed in the chest by Walker inside cell block 4, where the two had been serving time.

The state police investigated the murder, but there were no suspects at the time, according to Citizen Patriot archives. Supposedly, Walker admitted to the killing of Staggs but will not be charged for the crime. Walker was already in prison on a rape conviction and his admission in the other murders is expected to keep him behind bars for the rest of his life.