Trickle Down Edunomics

Everything in America now is business. Education is business. The goal is not to educate and train, but to close the sale. Seal the deal. Students, despite passing exams and standardized tests cannot obtain employment. Youngsters are being propelled into a higher education system that only seeks to drain them of their wealth (what little wealth they have) and saddle them with life-crushing debt for the rest of their lives.

And thus school closing having nothing to do with education but everything to do with money which is why the emphasis is now on standardized test scores. This will ensure that populations who are the least economically viable will suffer the brunt of school closings. The boulder of economic crisis has rolled down hill to crush the Detroits and the Philadelphias of America. And the boulder keeps trickling down.

See the article, Professor: Time to Redefine ‘Data’ for School Closings.

Beyond Halal – Race & the Organic Food Movement

It has been pleasing to see Muslims as of late challenging previously held notions of what food represents to Muslims: the “Beyond Halal” movement if you will. And while I have been an advocate of this myself, there are other aspects of the organic food movement that leave me troubled. From urban agriculture to farmer’s markets, food seems to be on everyone’s minds these days and yet the spectre of race and racism still manages to rear its (nearly invisible) head when it comes to these food movements. NPR featured a piece on the alleged land-grab by a white landowner (John Hantz of  Hantz Farms)  in Detroit, Michigan, who is buying up vacant lots, much to the chagrin of some local black food security advocates. I say all of these because like most important issues in American, Muslims are more often then not irrelevant, due to their agnosticism (what Dr. Sherman Jackson calls racial agnosia) when it comes to race. Ironically, because of Muslim Americans inability to deal with, address and come to grips with the reality of race (which is different than advocating for a racially-hierarchical society), Muslim Americans continue to be cut adrift socially, when in fact, it is one of the primary tools by which they could become anchored and relevant.

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The Devil Made Me Do It

A 35-year-old suburban Detroit man who says he was watching wrestling on TV when the devil told him to choke his 3-year-old stepson has been charged with attempted murder. Randall Caballero of Warren also faces first-degree child abuse after his arraignment Tuesday in Macomb County Circuit Court. He remains held at the Macomb County Jail on a $1 million bond. Court officials didn’t know if Caballero had a lawyer.

Detective Lt. Michael Torey tells The Macomb Daily of Mount Clemens that Caballero took the boy outside about 10 p.m. Friday, choked him, then told neighbors he’d killed his son. Police found the boy along the street, crying and dressed only in pants. He was released from a hospital after being treated for hypothermia.

Elderly Man Dies After Punch by Burger King Worker

Detroit police say a 20-year-old fast food restaurant employee who punched a 67-year-old customer could face criminal charges after the man fell and later died. Police spokesman Yvette Walker says the older man was reportedly causing a disturbance Thursday afternoon at a Burger King on the city’s east side, tried to hit the employee and the employee swung back. Police say the punch may have caused the elderly man to choke on his dentures.

The man died at a hospital. Walker says an autopsy will determine cause of death. Police say the employee was being held Friday and information would be submitted to prosecutors for review. Burger King spokeswoman Denise Wilson says Friday company officials were aware of the incident and the franchise owner was cooperating with police.

Body Shot and Burned

A group of students walking to Wilkins Elementary School made a gruesome discovery this morning on Detroit’s east side: A burning body.

The Detroit News reports homicide investigators and members of the Detroit Fire Department’s arson squad arrived on the scene to find “charred remains on a snow-covered berm” near Nashville Street between Barlow and Racine.

Dec. 6, The berm was directly in front of a burned-out building in a neighborhood rife with vacant lots, graffiti-covered homes and burned structures.

Three tires were positioned around the body to hold down a sheet that had been placed over the victim by investigators. Not much more is known at this time as the investigation continues. The incident is believed to have happened this morning between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m. this morning.

Local residents told the newspaper some people snapped photos of the burning body with their cellphones, and one woman told Fox 2 a group of school children discovered the body this morning before someone covered it up.

“They ran to the school screaming, crying that they found a body on the sidewalk here that was on fire,” she said.

Authorities have not identified the victim, but neighbors said it appeared the person was either beaten or shot before being set on fire.

Last week, Detroit police discovered a female body in a burning minivan on the city’s northeast side. Investigators identified the victim as a Pontiac teen, and they believe she was killed in Oakland County before her body was dumped in Detroit.