Ramadan Reflections 1434 – By the Dawn

Allah swears by the dawn. For those who have experienced it, they know it is truly something special. I remember when I was young — before becoming Muslim — and on the rare occasion that I would be up at dawn, I would experience something “magical”. For many folks, they live their lives devoid of these few magical hours, when the world is slumbering. As the light begins to slowly creep across the horizon, the earth begins to stir. At first it might just be the chirping of birds who majestically seem to know when day “breaks”. If you’re an urban dweller, you’ll see the first few stragglers stumble out of their abodes. Perhaps you might exchange a word or two; most often you mutually respect this sacred time with silence.

What’s amazing and worth reflecting on is our way of life (dīn), namely Islam, that allows us — no, indeed commands us — to experience this sacred event everyday day of our lives. It is no wonder then that God swears by it:


“By the dawn…” Qur’an, 89: 1.