A Muslim Reads the Hagakure – Conceit

hagakure-4 “People think they can decipher esoteric matters if only they can think hard enough about them. But in truth, their thoughts are nothing other than capricious and come to no fruition due to the fact that their reflection is nothing more than conceit, at its core. To this, God says:”

وَإِذَا قِيلَ إِنَّ وَعْدَ اللَّهِ حَقٌّ وَالسَّاعَةُ لَا رَيْبَ فِيهَا قُلْتُمْ مَا نَدْرِي مَا السَّاعَةُ إِنْ نَظُنُّ إِلَّا ظَنًّا وَمَا نَحْنُ بِمُسْتَيْقِنِينَ

“When it is said, ‘God’s promise is true as is The Hour, of which there is no doubt,’ you said, ‘We have no idea what the Hour is. We have only been speculating. We have no idea what to be certain about’.” [Qur’an, 45: 32]

The end is important in all things.


A Muslim Reads the Hagakure – Mindfulness

“Although it stands to reason that a Muslim should be mindful of the Sunnah, it would seem that we are all negligent. Consequently, if someone were to ask, ‘What is the true meaning of the Sunnah?’ that person who is able to answer promptly is rare. This is because it has not been established in one’s mind beforehand. From this, one’s unmindfulness of the Sunnah can be known.”

الإهمال هو شيء شديد – الهاغاكوري

“Negligence is an extreme thing.”