How to Focus in a Time of Chaos – A Khutbah

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What is it that we are here to do?

Are we here to the activists?

Are we here to see affirmation and be validated by those who scorn us, and oppress us, and revile us?

Look to the Chapter of the Elephant:

قال عبد المطلب – إني أنا رب الإبل وإن للبيت ربا سيمنعه

[‘Abd al-Muttalib — the Prophet’s grandfather] said, “I am the lord of these camels and the House has a Lord and He will protect it.”

Allah says he sent Noah to warn his people:

إِنّا أَرسَلنا نوحًا إِلىٰ قَومِهِ أَن أَنذِر قَومَكَ مِن قَبلِ أَن يَأتِيَهُم عَذابٌ أَليمٌ
قالَ يا قَومِ إِنّي لَكُم نَذيرٌ مُبينٌ
أَنِ اعبُدُوا اللَّهَ وَاتَّقوهُ وَأَطيعونِ

“We sent Noah to his people: ‘Warn your people before a painful punishment comes to them.’ He said, ‘My people, I am a clear warner to you. Worship Allah, have taqwa of Him and obey me’.” Qur’an, 71: 1-3

إِنَّما ذٰلِكُمُ الشَّيطانُ يُخَوِّفُ أَولِياءَهُ فَلا تَخافوهُم وَخافونِ إِن كُنتُم مُؤمِنينَ
وَلا يَحزُنكَ الَّذينَ يُسارِعونَ فِي الكُفرِ ۚ إِنَّهُم لَن يَضُرُّوا اللَّهَ شَيئًا ۗ يُريدُ اللَّهُ أَلّا يَجعَلَ لَهُم حَظًّا فِي الآخِرَةِ ۖ وَلَهُم عَذابٌ عَظيمٌ

“It was only Shaytan frightening you through his friends. But do not fear them – fear Me if you are muminun. Do not let those who rush headlong into kufr sadden you. They do not harm Allah in any way. Allah desires to assign no portion to them in the Next World. They will have a terrible punishment.” Qur’an, 3: 175-176

وَمِنَ النّاسِ مَن يَعبُدُ اللَّهَ عَلىٰ حَرفٍ ۖ فَإِن أَصابَهُ خَيرٌ اطمَأَنَّ بِهِ ۖ وَإِن أَصابَتهُ فِتنَةٌ انقَلَبَ عَلىٰ وَجهِهِ خَسِرَ الدُّنيا وَالآخِرَةَ ۚ ذٰلِكَ هُوَ الخُسرانُ المُبينُ يدعو مِن دونِ اللَّهِ ما لا يَضُرُّهُ وَما لا يَنفَعُهُ ۚ ذٰلِكَ هُوَ الضَّلالُ البَعيدُ

“Among the people there is one who worships Allah right on the edge. If good befalls him, he is content with it, but if a trial befalls him, he reverts to his former ways, losing both this world and the Next World. That is indeed sheer loss. Instead of Allah, he calls on something which cannot harm him or help him. That is extreme misguidance.” Qur’an, 22: 11-12