Summer Reading List 2010

[1] Guy Debord’s, The Society of the Spectacle. [2] The Predicament of Culture by James Clifford. [3] Richard Dyer’s, White; [4] al-Ghazāli’s, Kitāb Sharh ‘Ajā’ib al-Qalb/The Marvels of the Heart; [5] Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s Lectures, Speeches and Addresses edited by K. K. Aziz; [6] Salman Rushdie’s, Satanic Verses; [7] Delete, by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger; [8] The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul; [9] The Secrets of Asceticism, by Imam al-Qurtubi, annotated by Abu Salif Ahmad Ali al-Adani; [10] Sachiko Murata’s, Chinese Gleams of Sufi Light[11] In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto and [12] The Omnivores Dilemma, by Michael Pollman; [13] A Study of Some Negro-White Families in the United States, by Caroline Bond Day; [14] Islam In Black America, by Edward E. Curtis; [15] Mukhtasar al-Akhdarī fī al-‘Ibādāt ‘alā Madhab Imām Mālik [English and Arabic], by Abī Zaid ‘Abd ar-Rahmān Bin Muhammad al-Sagīr al-Akhdarī; [16] and finally, The Buttefly Mosque by Willow Wilson [recommended by Husayn].

3 Replies to “Summer Reading List 2010”

  1. Marc,
    I am currently reading Butterfly Mosque and would strongly recommend adding it to your list.

  2. English professor Amin Malak offers a nice supplement to the reading of Rushdie in his book Muslim Narratives and the Discourse of English from SUNY press.

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