Summer Reading List 2007

[1] Sherman “Abd al-Hakim” Jackson’s, Islam and the Blackamerican [re-read]. [2] Planning a review of Irshad Manji’s, [the lesbian Muslim woman] The Trouble With Islam Today. [3] Olivier Roy’s, The Failure of Political Islam; [4] Hamza Yusuf’s, Purification of the Heart; [5] Michael A. Gomez’s, Black Crescent; [6] Ira M. Lapidus’, A History of Islamic Societies; [7] Frantz Fanon’s, The Wretched of the Earth [re-read]; [8] Ghazali and the Poetics of Imagination by Ebrahim Moosa; [9] Muslims’ Place in the American Public Square, ed. Bukhari, Nyang, Ahmad, and Esposito; [10] al-Ghazali’s, Ayyuha’l-Walad [Letter To a Disciple]; and finally [wew!] , [11] the Sidney Poitier and [12] Miles Davis memoirs, too. Needless to say, with a reading list like this, it’s obvious I’m not married!

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  2. Well, I’ve completed my fourth re-read of Dr. Jackson’s book, Islam and the Blackamerican. It continues to inform and inspire. I highly recommend this book as a read/re-read. For those who have read it, his notes are quite extensive. I myself have begun to delve into his sources and would encourage any other reader to do so as well.

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