Striking Stats

I was doing a bit of research on the Web for the demographics of pornographic downloads by country and this is what I came up with:

Keyword “sex”
1. Pakistan
2. India
3. Egypt
4. Turkey
5. Algeria
6. Morocco
7. Indonesia
8. Vietnam
9. Iran
10. Croatia

Eight out of the top ten countries are “Muslim countries”. Perhaps something is out of wack with the “Muslim World”?

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  1. Actually what you found is not surprising at all. I mean we could go back and forth over the status of the US in this but its not relevant. What is relevant though is that many of us in the West were groomed to believe folks in the East didn’t have the same issues we do, especially when it comes to sex. It is in fact, getting worst for many of these countries because they, and their stiff-necked ulama cannot find a decent balance between faithfulness to Islam and faithfulness to the flesh. In the west many of us have become desensitized to a woman or man showing ‘too much’ skin, which has led to sexual and emotional imbalances. But in the East, well, with everyone so hush-hush about the dirty deed and all the people rushing to cover their ashy ankles for fear of Allah’s wrath, it seems all too natural to be extremely inquisitive about whats under the shalwar khameez and thobe.

  2. Charles,

    you are right. There is a need on both sides of this “ocean” to reform certain social practices. Over exposure has led many here in this part of the world to the point where they are unable to experience happy sexual lives [I know this is a short answer, which I can go further into detail]. And as you said, in the “Muslim world”, things have become stagnant. The question is, how can they achieve some freedom without a) capitulating to what the West deems as satisfactory in this regard and b) going in a direction that would not be pleasing to Allah. It will no doubt be a great challenge.

  3. I think the a great bit of the ‘capitulation’ theory needs to be redressed in this millenium. I do understand that a lot of Muslims quiver with that idea but hard facts suggest that if they don’t redress it, things are going to be horrible for them. Most of the Muslim youth around the world today want desperately to catapult their societies into the ‘here and now’. Yet they have so many factors to assess before doing so. As for finding a way to stem non-Islamically mandated sexual practices here are some I’ve noticed in my travels and have become privy to with my background. The mahr in most countries is not consistent with wages. There is also a huge class system in most places which prevents many from marrying someone they desire. In most of these countries sex in general is still very much a taboo, not to mention how to keep the fire. In addition, I found that Muslims were postponing marriage later even when they were not ‘getting a degree’. Speaking of capitulation, in my own assessment, one of the worst things Arabs and others did was adopt the western image of marriage. For example, let me use this: I knew a man who had a really excited boy aged 15. They would find the boy having fun with pillows, stealing lotions, and spending hours at magazine cubicles. He was a very smart boy but seemed overwhelmed and awfully ambitious. When it was mentioned to the father that he should get the boy married, the father stated that he was too young, that he was poor and would not borrow money for his son’s desires but stated that if his son needed sex he should seek out another curious boy! See, when you get into the ‘backwater’ Middle East things change just like here in the states.

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