Muslim Chaplaincy at the University of Pennsylvania

Friendly Neighborhood Chaplain

It is my great pleasure to announce my acceptance of the Muslim Chaplain position at the University of Pennsylvania. I am deeply humbled and honored at Penn’s trust in me to carry out this role. I ask Allah for guidance. Amin. I would like that thank all those involved, especially Adnan and Carolyn, whose shoulder’s I will be riding on and doubtless, without whose support I would not be embarking on this journey.

The Muslim community at Penn has been of tremendous benefit to me over the last four years, whatever contributions I have made have been far outweighed by what I have religiously, spiritually, and developmentally profited from. I hope to be able to give back to all of those who gave generously to me.

The Muslim Student Association is a fabulous organization, one where many Muslims “come of age” and become our new leaders. It is my goal to aid and assist this journey through compassionate advice and earnest spiritual work. I look forward to serving the Penn Community for the next year, God willing.

Salaams – your Friendly Neighborhood Chaplain.

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  1. As Salaam Alaikum,

    Allah is truly merciful and kind. I am employee at UPenn and time has not allowed me to go to my masjid without rushing, so i decided to go to jummah on campus. Allahu Akbar! you gave a khutbah about knowing the difference between the rules and principles regarding the deen. Alhamudliah! Shukran for that Khutbah. It help me look. May Allah bless you in your role as Muslim Chaplain at Penn. Ameen.

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