Musings on Technopoly and When Technology Wounds

“Most technology survivors lose all or part of their hero system*. Long-Standing, fundamental beliefs about themselves and the world can shatter into irretrievable fragments. One’s identity can be the first to go.” Chellis Glendinning, When Technology Wounds.

Are people losing their identities by using the Internet, Facebook, and other technologies that allow a so-called anonymous interface? And how do we deal with this in light of our descent from a culture of shame to a culture of humiliation? More thoughts on books from the Summer Reading List 2012.

3 Replies to “Musings on Technopoly and When Technology Wounds”

  1. Salam alaikum, We are losing our identities and finding them at the same time. We are connecting with strangers, making new friends, positive relationships; but also risk transgressing boundaries. Proscriptions on mahram / non-mahram relationships break down as we become oblivious to the private space of our digital rooms. At times some of us have spun out of control, forgetting the noble framework set down for us in our deen. We have different rules of engagement online, but we are mistaken.

  2. Wa ‘alaykum salaam, Tim. Good to hear from you. Yes, there seems to be a real breakdown in the principles handed to us from our Lord and His Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم. In jahiliyyah terms we might say, “so-and-so can’t hold his liquor.” I wonder how the same might apply to Muslims: we’re drunk off technology and thus don’t know how to act. But as with liquor, it’s not the act of drinking that’s the issue, it’s what one’s drinking.

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