More Thoughts on Reza Aslan and Historical Hadith

On August 13th, Reza Aslan, scholar of religions and professor of creative writing at the UC Riverside, posted a tweet stating that all hadith were, “created to justify orthodox behavior”.


To this I posted a rebuttal of his comment,

This is why Reza Aslan is a source of misguidance for Muslims. He utters statements of kufr. Sorry if this hurts.

Since the nature of social media is in itself somewhat difficult to speak clearly I decided to clarify my intentions and points with a short video. Enjoy,

2 Replies to “More Thoughts on Reza Aslan and Historical Hadith”

  1. AsA. Allah bless your efforts to refute the false propaganda against Islam. This man considers himself A GREAT SCHOLAR of RELIGIONS and in fact he has no knowledge of Islam, Qur’an and Hadith. He is just trying to present a New Ketchup of Religions. He pretends to be the follower of Mevlana Celaluddin RUMI but he did not even grasp the essence of RUMI’s teachings. He must get the proper knowledge of Islam from an authentic Muslim Scholar first. As far as concerns his false claim about the fabrication of Hadith, it is not new. There are scholarly written books by Muslim scholars on this topic to refute this claim. No doubt the compilation of Hadith took place very late but the way the Hadiths were collected and compiled, it is an accepted academic discipline now in the Muslim world. Unfortunately we are witnessing many persons like him to misguide the Muslim youth and create doubts in their minds as they are not scholars but the common followers of Islam like the followers of other religions. If he has courage to come and debate with any authentic known Muslim scholar he will, I am sure, change his mind, if he is a reasonable person.

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