MANA Photo Shoot, Summer 2007

They say [well, ok, so I say it] that everyone has at least two faces. This is especially true in front of the camera. I had the pleasure of photographing the MANA Shura meeting in Philadelphia this weekend. Enjoy the shots. Click the link below to the entire gallery. Enjoy.

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  1. Well, first, I’d just have them sit and look at the camera or what ever and take a “test shot”. My idea from the beginning was that I’d capture a couple of different “looks” from each person. So on the second shot, I’d try and talk to them or crack a [bad] joke. Let’s just say my bedside manner wouldn’t get me through med school but it’d do for a photo shoot in a pinch!

    Many thanks to all who “sat on the couch”. What is not being conveyed directly in this shots is that this was all done in the basement of a funeral home. The weather was atrocious, and was amplified by being in the basement with only a half-hearted fan, a red lamp that looked like something out of a David Lynch film, a neat old leather couch, and a quirky photographer!

    Thanks and Salaams


  2. what were you saying to them to get these great expressions, i’m wondering? nice job!

  3. Very Nice shots. you really exentuated their charater in these head shots. ALLAH has trully rewarded you with a number of noticable gifts.
    Next time add a bio portion to each portrait, so we can see how many outstanding warrants are open on each participant. May ALLAH guide us all.

  4. Naeem! I’m going to have to institute caning when I return to Michigan! Thanks.


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