From This Quiet Place…

So many years ago this journey began, and all along the way breadcrumbs were left for me, like so much foreshadowing. How deeply overcome I was tonight, sitting quietly in a dark room, whereupon I chanced on an old album by the gospel sextet, Take 6, and like Proust’s madeleine, I was transported back to when I was just a young man, more a boy in reality, and how this album, amongst all my others, would comfort me so and bring me only what I could now articulate as yaqin and sakinah: certainty and tranquility. How moved I am by my Lord’s plan: how His mercy has always been present; how He has always had a plan. I have no words to properly convey the emotional feeling I just had but I felt compared to share it, for my cheek is still wet (I sobbed like a newborn!). And this lyric still fresh in my mind, more than twenty five years ago:

Whether a garden small,

Or on a mountain tall.

I am reminded here of Allah’s words in the 45th chapter, al-Jathiyah:

فَأَمَّا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَعَمِلُوا الصَّالِحَاتِ فَيُدْخِلُهُمْ رَبُّهُمْ فِي رَحْمَتِهِ ۚ ذَٰلِكَ هُوَ الْفَوْزُ الْمُبِينُ

“As for those who were secure in faith and did right actions, their Lord will admit them into His mercy. That is the Clear Victory.” (Qur’an, 45: 30)

This journey, this thing called Islam, is simply amazing. My only lament is not being able to articulate it with justice. Despite that shortcoming, I invite any and all seekers to truth to join me on this sojourn.

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  1. Peace be upon you Marc, the first lines of your writing had tears streaming down my cheeks as Allah Almighty has just brought me here through a search I was making as regards to a dream I had the other day, of being in an underground library, on the top of a ladder, filtering through a few select books from which I had no idea which to chose, at the very top of the shelf their was a gap and I could see the people’s feet rushing to and fro in a shopping centre (gap in the market Perhaps) it was then that Michael Portillo slid over to me on the next ladder whereby he congratulated me for arriving upon his favoured books. On waking, I set out in search of Michaels reading preferences which came to be mentioned at the end of a five minute interview, those books being ‘ Time regained’ by Proust, and ‘how literature can change your life’ – Proust, On ‘how to live and self help’ biography by Alain de Botton….I’m relatively illiterate as far as the classics go, due to leaving school at age 15, my journey began in Liverpool as ‘oft times’ a run away teen, after years of Jungian and Sufi journeying my mind came back to the place where the journey began, in a time when many Islamic scholars are gathering there, Jung spoke of his Liverpool dream being connected to the pool of life beneath ‘the cavern’ which Severn rivers flow into, this was the very place I was once driven, like Persephone aka Cora I was abducted so to speak by Zephyr aka Pluto but over the years since coming to Islam through immense fear and awe, my mind and circumstances have manoeuvred between a pull of rotations rather like King Roger 11 ( his advisor was Muhammed Idriss) experienced at the advent of the golden age. I was labelled bi polar with a range of personality disorders brought about by divide and rule, my father during early childhood held deeply ingrained racist opinions along with the school I attended in Britain’s White belt Cheshire ( I’m a white British Muslim who identified deeply with apartheid and became aware of the radical hateful Reactions to Malcolm X from teachers and peers during my time in what I experienced as a racist institution which has many of us splintered and fractured, but through the weaving of inner and outer experience in life’s open university has just brought me to arrive here on your page to make mention of the importance of programmes to help disaffected disintegrated youth, children and adults to embark on the integration of behaviours into unitive thinking, in this instance ‘having no knowledge, only that this week I’m pointed in the direction of Proust and Wordsworth as introduction to a new beginning at age 62, I still hesitate on the importance of embarking on these readments but inshAllah I read in the hope of learning how to express, read and understand better than I d ft now, also Wagners ring and specifically the story of Parcifal bares much weight and significance in relation to the amount of women I meet who can relate to Mary Magdelin aka Kundry’s redemption through Parcifal along with her deep regret, for all the gravity of her sins, renders me weeping right now where worlds are rolling together from the depths right now, I just read that ‘discoveries consist not in seeing new lands but in seeing with new eyes, I thank you most sincerely for being here right now Peace. SLM.

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