Crossroads — A Question For All of Us

The following thought came to me last night in my sleep (I was dreaming when I wrote this…) and I’ve tried to write it down as succinctly as I can:

Do you want to be that person in your family who, after having Islam in your family for generations—perhaps even a thousand years or more—is the one who ends it, kills it off, by your inability to adapt, adopt and flourish in your new environment?

Conversely, do you want to be that person who, presented with Islam and kufr, with iman and shirk, choses Islam but then fails to propagate it? You are the potential starting point and opportunity for successive generations to be the People of Paradise.

One must seize the moment and see one’s Islam, be it by birth or by conversion—for both require choices—as a critical point in history by which Islam is either preserved, originated or eliminated, from one’s genealogy.

Needless to say I awoke in a cold sweat.

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