Rage Against the Machine and the Machine Bites Back

Interesting discussion in this episode of The Overflow podcast from Stack Overflow. They discuss Napster (remember Napster?!) and how the artists rioted against peer-to-peer sharing (which I get) only to have one or two giant corporations come in (iTunes store and Spotify) and gobble up the industry, monopolizing profits and crushing small artists far worse than Napster ever did.

Something to reflect on in our current climate of “burn it to the ground”.

Hollywood and Depression: Even Our Superheroes Are Downers

How sad are we today? How unfulfilled are our lives? Just saw the new X-Men Dark Phoenix trailer and it seems even our superheroes today are depressed. You’d think having the power to fly, teleport, or leap tall buildings in a single bound would be kinda uplifting which leads me to speculate that perhaps we’re not as depressed as we think we are: we’re as depressed as Hollywood—amongst others—tells us we are. Again, the inescapability of religion manifests before our eyes: only through God will we be liberated, first and foremost from ourselves and from each other. And to Him belongs all praise.