3rd Annual “Ivy Muslim Conference” at Yale

Here’s the details our 3rd Annual “Ivy Muslim Conference” at Yale on February 17-18. This year’s keynote speech will be delivered by Dr. Ingrid Mattson. The conference will feature panels as well as breakout discussion sessions on:

  • Networking
  • Pre-professional planning
  • Challenges & Opportunities of Living & Studying as Muslims at Ivy Schools
  • Community Activism: Life after MSA

There will be sports and social activities on Friday night. The Ivy League is constituted by a cohort of universities that share many things, including social, intellectual and professional opportunities and challenges. As Muslims at these institutions, we are subject to many of these same opportunities and challenges. In the midst of contemporary American academic life in the Ivy League, many Muslims grapple with issues of identity and purpose. This third “Ivy Muslim Conference” invites Muslims to explore, interrogate and discuss these issues, especially as they relate to their intellectual and spiritual lives.

Price: $20. Preregistration is required.

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