Winter Reading List 2012

These are the books I hope to read over winter 2012.

[1] Geoffrey Canada’s, Fist Stick Knife Gun. Adapted by Jamar Nicholas; [2] They Live! by Jonathan Lethem; [3] Garret Keizer’s, The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want; [4] Duties of an Imam by ‘Abdur Rahman Shad. Revised by ‘Abdul Hamid Siddiqui;  [5] Sacred Space by Douglas E. Cowan; [6] ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Jarjani’s, Kitab al-Miftah fi al-Sarf; [7] An Introduction to the Phenomenology of Religion, by James L. Cox; [8] Mukhtasar al-Sarf by ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Fadayli; [9] Science Fiction Cinema, by Christine Cornea; [10] Raji al-Asmar’s, al-Mujma’ al-Mufassil fi ‘Ilm al-Sarf; [11] A Guide to the Phenomenology of Religion by James L. Cox; [12] John Coltrane and BlackAmerica’s Quest For Freedom by Leonard Brown;  [13] Ibn Taymiyya and His Times by Yossef Rapoport and Shahab Ahmed ; [14] Abu Fatih ‘Uthman Ibn Jinni’s al-Khasa’is; [15] Ahsan Zaqur’s Fiqh al-‘Ibadat wa  Adillah ‘ala Madh’hab al-Saddah al-Malikiyyah; [16] The Archaeology of Knowledge by Michel Foucault; [17] al-Tamhid fi ‘Ilm al-Tajwid by Shams al-Din Abi al-Khayr Muhammad Ibn al-Jazari; [18] Abu ‘Umar Hafs Ibn ‘Umar al-Duri’s al-Qira’at al-Waridah fi al-Sunnah. Edited by Ahmad ‘Isa al-Ma’srawi; [19] ‘Ilm al-Qira’at. Ed. Nur al-Din Muhammadi; [20] al-Mustaw’ib al-Jami’ l’Riwayah Qalun ‘an al-Imam Nafi’ by Nur al-Din Muhammadi; [21] On the Bounds of Theological Tolerance in Islam by Sherman Jackson; [22] Black Mecca, by Zain Abdullah; [23] Sherman Jackson’s, Islam and the Problem of Black Suffering.

14 Replies to “Winter Reading List 2012”

  1. Ma sha’ Allah! May I ask how manage to read that many books in such a short period of time? I’m assuming you’re very good at managing time!

  2. Well these are on the to do or to read list. So we’ll see if I make it. I’m hoping to read them by end of February or March. In sha’Allah!

  3. Yeah right. You expect us to believe that you are actually going to read all of these books and understand them?? Who are you kidding Akhi?! Stop being so pretentious, humility is important in Islam.

  4. It is disappointing that you have not listed the Holy Qur’an or any Hadith Books by Imam Bukhari or Imam Muslim in your winter reading list. Do you not read the Qur’an during winter? This is the problem with so called American “Imams” and “khateebs”, they would rather read books by chumps like Foucault and about haram music of John Coltrane instead of reading the divine words of Allah subhan wa tala.

  5. It’s Allahu subhana hu wa ta’ala. الله سبحانه وتعالى

    I spelled it for you since you don’t seem to know Arabic [something a true believer such as yourself should know].

  6. Uhhh: Foucalt, Keizer and Ibn Jinni! Mmm….Thanks for sharing. I’m taking notes.

    All of the great scholars from the past went heavy on morphology…like, everyday!

    More than anything, I look forward to your reflections. Please consider writing more about your thoughts regarding the Divine Language.

    Peace to Imam Manley

    It’s 2011. I don’t believe this Suhaib cat is for real. He’s just a lonely provocateur. Your response was hilarious, though.

  7. Jazakallah for the list, looks like a nice mix. Inshallah you benefit from them thoroughly. Would you happen to have a list of books that you have previously read that you would recommend to others? Thinking more along the lines of the ones that aren’t in Arabic 🙂

  8. as-Salaamu ‘alaykum Waleed. Yes, I will provide you a list of books that I’ve found interesting or helpful in English. I’m on vacation but will return to this shortly,

  9. @Iqra: Yes, they were really heavy on that stuff which is why I’m liking al-Jurjani’s “al-Miftah” all the more as its concise and at the same time enlightening [I’m thinking of translating the footnotes].

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