Who Are The Muslims In America?

I was struck by this definition that Sherman gave in his speech, so I made it a small post on 3rdR. See for yourself. I also added it to the blog’s mast head.

2 Comments Who Are The Muslims In America?

  1. eteraz

    Hey There, Thanks for the great Sherman Jackson resource.

    Also, love the Philly pictures. I love the one of Girard Avenue. Lots of late nights waiting for a bus on that.

    I’m in Philadelphia as well. I shall add you to my blog roll.

    Feel free to leave a comment at my blog and/or to add me.

  2. Marqas

    Glad you found them useful. I checked out your blog and found your bio funny. If you can find any of those historical rewrites, you should post them! Consider yourself added! Salaams.

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