Web Publishing Syllabus – Moore College

Instructor: Marc Manley

Email: manleymp@design.upenn.edu

This course will familiarize you with basic skills and techniques of publishing Web pages and providing conceptualization for building Web sites. Emphasis is placed on a basic yet solid grasp of the differences between publishing for Web vs. print as well as being familiar with writing and editing code by hand. Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to edit and maintain a Web site, author code as well as be familiar with basic concepts in design, layout, implementation, typography and color theory. Textual materials will be provided on an as-needed basis in class.

Below is a sample outline of course goals. An assessment will be taken the first day of class and additions or deviations may occur based on the class assessment.

  1. Intro to Web Publishing
    1. What is the Web?
    2. Should a Web site have a goal?
    3. How best to communicate and disseminate knowledge
    4. Yeah, yeah, yeah, but Flash is really cool
    5. Paper is paper and pixels are pixels [and for now, ne’er shall the twain of them meet]
  2. Web Page Introduction: Concepts and Theories
    1. Syntax
    2. Markup
    3. Content
    4. CSS, XHTML, DHTML, HTML, XML, RSS and other acronyms that make no sense
  3. Text Formatting
    1. Fonts – what works for the Web
    2. Basic typography schemes and theories
    3. Serif and sans-serif [what’s the difference]
  4. Color for the Web
    1. You may not be color blind but your audience may be hue blind
    2. How does one use color – play it safe or take risks
  5. Markup: Understanding and their functions
    1. A tag is for markup is so choose wisely
  6. Creating Graphics: Photoshop Basics
    1. GIF’s, JPEG’s, and other image formats
    2. Image maps
  7. Putting It Into Practice
    1. Building a sample Web site from scratch

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