The Miseducation Of Brother X

I had a really good conversation last night with a good friend of mine. The topic mainly revolved around education; both formal and self-education. He’s a student at a small liberal arts school and talked about how ineffective he felt his education was. I spoke to him about the process of self-education. How one really needs to be self-learned. This is not an easy process to just come upon. It takes planning, foresight and a deep-rooted desire to learn.

I was a victim of public education – by that I mean that I was not challenged at all. I was bored and just simply disconnected as a young person. I day dreamt a lot and yet, despite my day time sleep walking, I was a bright kid (if I may say so myself). I taught myself Japanese (fluent both in speaking, reading and writing), which if anyone has tried to learn, is no small task. I wasn’t stupid – just not engaged. And it’s there, the being engaged part that I think my friend falls on his face. You cannot sit back and wait for the school to teach you – you have to teach yourself. Give up television (or at least restrict it) and read. We live in a day and age where large amounts of information on virtually every subject known to man is available (the Internet). I think if one can temper his/herself to this task you’ll see the rewards.

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