Do We Need A Fiqh of Facebook? A Khutbah at the University of Pennsylvania

We live in an age where multitasking competes with the remembrance of God. There are so many things which seek to distract us, new arenas which challenge our character. In such an age it is even more critical we put our religion on conversations with these new scenarios so that even online, we conduct ourselves with dignity and the remembrance of God. The following is a khutbah I delivered at the University of Pennsylvania on Friday, January 20th, 2012.

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African American Contributions to Islam

CAMP Philadelphia is organizing a panel on the topic of African Americans and their contribution to  Islam. The event will feature yours truly as the keynote speaker as well as spoken word artist, Seff Al Afriqi, author of a new volume of poetry entitled, A Gathering of Myself. The talk will also feature a panel discussion, “Bridging the Gap”, with members diverse cultural backgrounds, in which Muslims and non-Muslims can exchange thoughts on the topic of Islam in America, Islamophobia. The talk will be held this Sunday, Feb 27th, from 3-5:30pm in Griski room, Houston Hall, on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus. Sign up on Facebook as well for any changes/updates to the event.

The panelists, organizers, speakers and artists are as follows:

Salima Suswell

Salima Suswell is the current President of the CAMP – Philadelphia chapter. Between 2007 and 2009, Salima served as an advisory board member. Salima is a Senior Litigation Specialist with the United States Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Pennsylvania and over the past ten years worked as a Senior Litigation Paralegal for several prestigious national law firms. In addition to her duties with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Salima is the Founder and CEO of Evolve Litigation Solutions, LLC., which provides litigation services and staffing in the Delaware Valley area.

Adnan Zulfiqar

Adnan Zulfiqar is the Law & Policy Fellow at Annenberg’s Center for Global Communication Studies. Among his activities he sits on the board of Masjid Quba and is also a member of the Zones of Peace Taskforce and the Administrative Committee of the Religious Leaders Council of Philadelphia. Adnan received his B.A. in Religion and Anthropology from Emory University, his M.A.L.S. in International Affairs from Georgetown University and his J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He is currently completing his Ph.D. in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Penn.

Carolyn Baugh

Carolyn Baugh, originally from Indiana, is in her final semester of graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania, where her focus is gender issues in early Islamic law. She holds a master’s degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Penn (2008) and a degree in Arabic and Arab Literature from Duke University. She currently serves as Interfaith Fellow and Campus Minister to the Muslim Community through the Office of the Chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania.

Margari Hill

Margari Hill-Manley is an educator and writer with an MA in history from Stanford University where she specialized in Islam in Africa and Muslim social networks. She earned her BA at Santa Clara University where she specialized in European Islam and Medieval-Renaissance Studies. She has lectured on a variety of topics relating to Islam, African history, and Black American Muslim communities at universities across the nation and has traveled extensively in the Middle East as a student and researcher. Her blog, “Margari Aziza,” has been featured in international magazines and noted as one of the outstanding female blogs for the 2008 and 2009 Brass Crescent awards. She is currently a high school instructor in Philadelphia where she teaches writing and grammar and literature from around the World.

Seff al-Afriqi

Seff Al-Afriqi spoken word artist Seff Al Afriqi, author of a new volume of poetry entitled, “A Gathering of Myself,”. beyond the mechanics of what makes a great poem. He delves into the most important factors, the rhetoric, the truth, the healing, the content, the conviction, and the person

First Image From AME On Display At UPenn Design Staff/Faculty Show

I will be submitting one of the images from my new project, AME [The American Muslim Experience] at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design Staff art show. The image is one of Shaykh Hajj Musa, a long standing resident of the Philadelphia Muslim community. The print is a large-format ink jet print [54 inches by 36 inches] – you can see the image as well as the print one coming off the plotter below. I will inform you of any additional shows. Prints will be on display at the School of Design starting Monday, July 23rd [34 & Walnut, Philadelphia]. The show is a short one so if you happen to stop by in the next week or so it along with the other staff/faculty images should be up. Below is a preview of the image as well as the print coming off the large-format plotter. Enjoy.


The PennDesign Staff Art Show official details:
July 23rd through August 1st, the Reception is Friday, July 27, at 5pm. Hope to see you there. If you need directions just leave a comment here and I’ll get back to you.


Many thanks for those who took time to come. It was a pleasure to get a chance to show the first image of the series. Following photographs © 2007 Jerry Brown.