Ibn Juzayy’s Fifteen Merits of Piety (Taqwa)

The following audio is from the Friday khutbah at Middle Ground Muslim Center as well as the regular monthly program, The Text In Context. This Friday we discussed Ibn Juzayy al-Kalbi’s Fifteen Merits of Piety (Taqwa) from his work, al-Tas’hil l’Ulum al-Tanzil (Making Easy The Knowledge of Revelation). See the khutbah for more extensive notes.

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Ibn Juzayy’s fifteen merits of piety (taqwa):

  1. Guidance.
  2. Assistance.
  3. Guardianship.
  4. Love.
  5. Pardoning.
  6. Relief from anxiety (lit. “an exit from grief”).
  7. Provision supplied from where one does not expect it.
  8. Easing of affairs.
  9. Forgiveness of sins.
  10. Magnification of reward.
  11. Acceptance of good deeds.
  12. Prosperity.
  13. Good news.
  14. Entering Paradise.
  15. Salvation from The Fire.


The Text In Context – Talking About Who We Are As A Community

The following is a five-part audio recording of our monthly talk, “The Text In Context” at Middle Ground Muslim Center.

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“We trust our eyes in a way that we trust almost no other sense, even if we remain unaware of the reason for this. There is extensive research showing this, from studies that demonstrate that people make almost irreversible decisions on whether a potential sexual partner is attractive within one-fifth of a second, to how “visual learners” will even convert words into pictures in their minds in order to master a subject.” — Stephen Apkon.

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