Sufism for Non-Sufis? Reactions from Ibn Taymiyya

A quick look at how Ibn Taymiyyah, often dubbed as “Shaykh al-Islam,” looked at Sufism. As Dr. Jackson demonstrates, he was not opposed to Sufism, lock, stock and barrel, as many who would use his name to refute Sufism might imagine. Sufism for Non-Sufis is part of the Summer Reading List 2012.

Muslims, America and the Greater Good

The Muslim community in America has been under fire since the tragic events of September 11th. And yet, most of the efforts of Muslims since then have seemed to focus more on how to get back to the foggy, lackadaisical lifestyle which allowed a great many Muslims to enjoy the comforts of American society without having to contribute very much. Sadly, I feel this still persists. And in the light of a society that is in desperate need of help (of whom the Muslims are also in desperate need!), how can we justify our self-indulgent attitude? I muse on this and a few other items in this podcast.

Further Readings

Dawabit al-Maslahah fi’l-Shar’iyyah al-Islamiyyah by Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan al-Buti.

How to Contribute to the Ummah of Muhammad

Here’s a short podcast on an issue I feel is facing Muslims, particularly the Muslim youth and converts: how to contribute to the Ummah of Muhammad s without having to dedicate one’s life solely to acquiring so-called Traditional knowledge. Muslims seem to either pursue careers and academic interests that have no conversation or relevance to their religious tradition, or they go to the opposite end and want to, as a friend of mine says, “sit in the masjid all day long.” This podcasts discusses this topic.

Further Reading

Dive! – a documentary on food waste.