Interview on Dr. Laurence Brown’s Web Site

Dr. Laurence Brown PhD

Dr. Laurence Brown was kind enough to interview me for his blog. Dr. Brown is a graduate of Cornell University, Brown Medical School, and George Washington University Hospital, where he did his residency. He is an ophthalmic surgeon, specializing in cataract and refractive surgery. Dr. Brown retired from the Air Force, whereupon he continued on his medial practice as the medical director of a major eye center in Saudi Arabia. He divides his time between America, England, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Brown is also an acomplished author, with two of his previous books written in the field of comparative religion: The First and Final Commandment and God’ed. In addition, he has also written fiction, the latest  The Eighth Scroll. Dr. Brown and his wife live in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, with their daughter.

You can see an interview of Dr. Brown here on Youtube.