Islam in Global Perspective

I had the pleasure of being invited to Dr. Zain Abdullah’s course, Islam in Global Perspective, at Temple University. The course was welcoming a selection of Fulbright scholars from abroad to discussed a number of issues such as what is Islam to Muslims, how do Muslims relate and form identities in a global cultural context and how is Islam experienced [symbolism] by Muslims, to name a few. Two of the books being discussed in the class were Mehran Kamrava’s The New Voices of Islam: Rethinking Politics and Modernity and Mark Levine’s Heavy Metal Islam: Rock, Resistance, and the Struggle for the Soul of Islam, a book that deals with religious/cultural permissibility, the impact of globalized values and its influence [Egypt was discussed in tonight’s session] on Muslims. Afterwords, there was a very pleasant reception where I had the chance to engage a few of the visiting scholars and exchange thoughts and ideas. Many thanks to Dr. Abdullah for inviting me. A few images from the exchange.

I will try and upload these images again.