No Apology Required – A Khutbah

IMG_1452-sm It was my pleasure to have been invited to deliver a khutbah at The Muslim Association of Lehigh Valley (MALV). I chose to address the dual topics of chaos in the world and pressure upon Muslims to apologize over actions they have not committed. These are two topics challenging Muslims today, particularly in America. Our youth are bombarded with media images of so-called “Islamic” militants committing the most heinous acts imaginable. The gut reaction to these has been to deny any relation to the perpetrators of these acts in hopes of deflecting negative public opinion. While I understand this is natural reaction, it is one which can lead down a rabbit hole as well. Instead, we need to infuse our youth with the knowledge and comfort to know that simply because a person claims Islam as their religion and attempts to justify their actions based on that faith, in no way means that they are indeed Muslim. We need no greater vindication that to simply say that such acts fall outside of our faith. Period. Instead, we should be about the condemning of injustice and oppression regardless if it is perpetrated in our own zip code or thousands of miles away.