Self-Defense In Home Invasion

The tense moments when a 34-year-old Mecosta County man awoke in the night to an intruder in his home and then shot the man three times were captured in the recording of a 911 call. Mecosta County Prosecutor Peter Jaklevic says the homeowner was justified in shooting the man because he feared for his life, prosecutors said today. “It’s basically defense of your home,” Mecosta County Prosecutor Peter Jaklevic said. But the injured suspect, Allen Tisron, recovering at Spectrum Health Butterworth hospital after being shot in the hand, buttocks and side, called the homeowner “trigger happy.” Trisron claimed to be drunk when it happened and said he could not remember much of the incident. Listen to the recorded 911 call the homeowner made to police just moments before firing four shots from a .12-gauge shotgun inside the Northland Drive home near Paris. The shots can be heard on the recording. The homeowner’s full name and address have been removed from this recording to protect his privacy.

Smash & Grab Bandits

Police are on the trail of a rash of smash and grab burglaries. The object of the crime: cartons of cigarettes.┬áThe latest crime scene: The Clifton Wash and Go in Clifton Heights. The gas station was burglarized Friday. The criminals got away with a stash of cigarettes. That’s been the M.O. in this series of smash and grab burglaries. The criminals bypass the cash and coins and go for the tobacco. The burglars burst through the glass door but flee just as quickly. They stormed the ToGoMart on Edgmont Avenue in Brookhaven on November 1st. Kwang Lee owns the gas station. He watched on surveillance from home as the burglars burst through his business, which is just a half block from the Brookhaven police department. Cameras captured the crooks slowly approaching the front door. They kept an eye out for any traffic or witnesses and then moved in. “First time in 16 years something like this has happened,” Lee said. But it’s not the duo’s first smash-n-grab. They’re suspected of 2 in West Goshen, 1 in Clifton Heights, 1 in Media and 1 in Brookhaven and a job in Lancaster. Investigators believe the two are likely selling the cigarettes on the black market at a discount to score drugs. With a carton valued at $60, 20 cartons is equal to $1,200.