#MiddleGroundBookClub – Last Child In The Woods

Last Child in the Woods, by Richard Louv, will be one of the books we’ll be reading/discussing for the Middle Ground Book Club.

#LastChildInTheWoods #RichardLouv #MiddleGroundBookClub

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A few interesting quotes,

“For a new generation, nature is more abstraction than reality. Increasingly, nature is something to watch, to consume, to wear—to ignore.”

“We can now assume that just as children need good nutrition and adequate sleep, they may very well need contact with nature.”

Beyond Halal – Whiteness and Alternative Food

Some thoughts on a new book I’m reading entitled, Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class and Sustainability from MIT Press. The volume is edited by Alison Hope Alkon and Julian Agyeman. I have enjoyed it thus far as it articulates some concerns I’ve had from the slow food and alternative food movements: they are universalisms of white proclivities in regards to food and health.

Extra Links

Tapped – examines the role of the bottled water industry and its’ effects on our health.

Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class and Sustainability – edited by Alison Hope Alkon and Julian Agyeman.

Short video by Breeze Harper on a similar tip.

Cultivating Food Justice is part of the Summer Reading List 2012.

Summer Reading List 2012

These are the books I hope to read over the summer:

[1] Imam al-Shatibi’s, al-Muwaffaqat. [2] Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community by Wendell Berry; [3] Ziauddin Sardar’s, Islam, Postmodernism and Other Futures; [4] The Illusions of Postmodernism by Terry Eagleton; [5] Intisar al-Faqir al-Salik l’Tarjih Madh’hab l’Imam Malik by Shams al-Din Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Ra’i al-Andalusi; [6] Michel Foucault’s, The Archaeology of Knowledge; [7] Technopoly, by Neil Postman; [8] After Virtue by Alasdair MacIntyre; [9] Living in the Labyrinth of Technology, by Willem H. Vanderburg; [10] Sherman Jackson’s, Sufism for Non-Sufis?; [11] The Biography of Ibn al-Qayyim by Salahud-Din ‘Ali Abdul-Mawjud trans. by Abdul-Rafi Adewale Imam; [12] John Coltrane and BlackAmerica’s Quest For Freedom by Leonard Brown; [13] The Richness of Life: The Essential by Stephen Jay Gould ; [14] Abu Fatih ‘Uthman Ibn Jinni’s al-Khasa’is; [15] Alex Carberry’s Know Yourself; [16] Qur’an, Liberation & Pluralism by Farid Esack; [17] The Theft of Nations: Returning to Gold by Ahamed Kameel Mydin Meera; [18] Nur al-Din Muhammadi’s Riwayah Warsh min Tariq Abi Ya’qub al-Azraq; [19] The Devil’s Delusion by David Berlinski; [20] Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class and Sustainability, edited by Alison Hope Alkon and Julian Agyeman.


Winter Reading List 2012

These are the books I hope to read over winter 2012.

[1] Geoffrey Canada’s, Fist Stick Knife Gun. Adapted by Jamar Nicholas; [2] They Live! by Jonathan Lethem; [3] Garret Keizer’s, The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want; [4] Duties of an Imam by ‘Abdur Rahman Shad. Revised by ‘Abdul Hamid Siddiqui;  [5] Sacred Space by Douglas E. Cowan; [6] ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Jarjani’s, Kitab al-Miftah fi al-Sarf; [7] An Introduction to the Phenomenology of Religion, by James L. Cox; [8] Mukhtasar al-Sarf by ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Fadayli; [9] Science Fiction Cinema, by Christine Cornea; [10] Raji al-Asmar’s, al-Mujma’ al-Mufassil fi ‘Ilm al-Sarf; [11] A Guide to the Phenomenology of Religion by James L. Cox; [12] John Coltrane and BlackAmerica’s Quest For Freedom by Leonard Brown;  [13] Ibn Taymiyya and His Times by Yossef Rapoport and Shahab Ahmed ; [14] Abu Fatih ‘Uthman Ibn Jinni’s al-Khasa’is; [15] Ahsan Zaqur’s Fiqh al-‘Ibadat wa  Adillah ‘ala Madh’hab al-Saddah al-Malikiyyah; [16] The Archaeology of Knowledge by Michel Foucault; [17] al-Tamhid fi ‘Ilm al-Tajwid by Shams al-Din Abi al-Khayr Muhammad Ibn al-Jazari; [18] Abu ‘Umar Hafs Ibn ‘Umar al-Duri’s al-Qira’at al-Waridah fi al-Sunnah. Edited by Ahmad ‘Isa al-Ma’srawi; [19] ‘Ilm al-Qira’at. Ed. Nur al-Din Muhammadi; [20] al-Mustaw’ib al-Jami’ l’Riwayah Qalun ‘an al-Imam Nafi’ by Nur al-Din Muhammadi; [21] On the Bounds of Theological Tolerance in Islam by Sherman Jackson; [22] Black Mecca, by Zain Abdullah; [23] Sherman Jackson’s, Islam and the Problem of Black Suffering.

Fall Reading List 2010

[1] Aijaz Ahmad’s, In Theory. [2] The Origins of Islamic Law by Yasin Dutton. [3] Shibli Numani’s, Umar; [4] Nizar Rabbani’s, Arabian Love Poems; [5] The Need For A Sacred Science by Seyyed Hossein Nasr; [6] Salman Rushdie’s, Satanic Verses; [7] Creating East and West, by Nancy Bisaha; [8] Islam and Ecology: A Bestowed Trust edited by Richard C. Foltz, Frederick M. Denny, and Azizan Baharuddin; [9] Original Islam, by Yasin Dutton; [10] Seyyed Hossein Nasr’s, Islam and the Plight of Modern Man; [11] Muhammad Messenger of Allah [ash-Shifa of Qadi ‘Iyad] trans. Aisha Abdarrahman Bewley; [12] Muslim Narratives and the Discourse of English by Amin Malak;  [13] Islam and Early Modern English Literature: The Politics of Romance From Spenser to Milton by Benedict S. Robinson; [14] Gary Rivlin’s Broke; [15] Vladimir Nabokov’s The Annotated Lolita; [16] The Lover by Marguerite Duras; [17] The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass; [18] Marguerite Duras’s The Lover; [19] W. G. Sebald’s The Emigrants; [20] Tea in the Harem by Mehdi Charef; [21] My Brother by Jamaica Kincaid; [22] A Distant Star by Roberto Bolano; [23] Javier Marias’ Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me; [24] Herta Muller’s The Appointment; and [25] Jose Saramago’s Death with Interruptions.