Autophysiopsychic Partnership

Writings of the Yusef Lateef Quartet

by Yusef Lateef

BLESSED IS THE MAN who walketh alone in dignity, and solitarily standeth in modesty, and sitteth reclusively in sublimity. Hydra-headed loneliness, like an endophyte, incessantly bids the mind of man to traumatize. At times … during periods of detachment … man shall taste the unaesthetic disease of sadness, like a lonely tower hidden and decaying in the bowels of despair. Comfortless is the congregation of the forsaken, like watery fluid from the guts. For loneliness is an infectious dystrophy to man. WHY DOES THIS heathen remoteness deceive man’s senses? The forsaken and depraved of the earth take counsel together against the opulent and rapturous spirit of man. Let us purify their feverish condition and sever their cords. He that sitteth as an alien shall suffer anguish of the mind; the lonely butcher shall have him in derision. Then shall he mock him in his fury, and vex him in his labyrinth of loneliness.

A LONELY HEART is prone to declare the decree of disgrace, and, in so doing, affect a disgruntlement in the mind. Ask the forsaken for amity, and they shall give you dysesthesia of the most violent type. Thou shalt indict them for maladministration of your soul. Thou shalt wish them arraigned for malfeasance of your mind. Be wise now, they have their existence only as the forsaken and the depraved. They serve only the distempered spirits as a putrid amniotic fluid. Let them perish from your mind, lest they awaken fire-immune beasts, kindled by an encephalitic warmth to incinerate the middle cell of your head. They are more numerous than the wars of Carthage, and frequently rise up as psychoneurotic entities to agitate the soul. Yes, they are many.

THEY WAIT TO inject their venom into your soul: unsocial-belladonna, troglodyticaconite, disconsolate-strychnine, single-corrosive sublimate, ancharitic-arsenic, and more of the same.

YES, LET THEM perish from your mind through the loving remembrance of the Divine, the only shield against the blue vitriolic abuse of loneliness and the uplifter of your mind. They can cause you to cry due to denying you affection, and when you weep, they rejoice in your excruciation.

YES, THEY ARE the congregation of the forsaken, like mental tumors, consisting of dilated or oxalic oriented blood vessels perpetually depriving some soul of wellbeing.

PERHAPS IT WOULD be better to sleep eternally; sleep might give them access to your dreams whereby they could effuse excremental fluid into the interstices of your nocturnal cells.

ARISE, O LOVING remembrance of the Divine One, shield me: for in the past, Thou hast smitten all the enemies of the Blessed: Thou hast broken the tumultuous teeth of the seducer of the lonely.

HEAR THOSE WITHOUT company, deserted, desolate, and lonesome … how in silence they duel with the irritable internal secretion of loneliness. Hear their silent voices that occasionally utter a twinge of pain, with a lisp.

O YE CONGREGATION of the forsaken, how long will ye inhabit my domain? How long will ye revel in the evisceration of man’s psyche, and how long will ye seek to lease his soul?

STAND IN AWE! I know you have no heart; it is only through mine that you communicate, suggesting unsavory perceptions of hurt. Offer not your rueful allusions for they are isotopes having the same number of protanopia in the nucleus of the spiritual eye and they effect the same atmospheric atrophy in the soul. GIVE EAR TO my chant, O Divine One! Consider my lonely exile and meditation. Hearken unto the utterance of my silent cry. My voice shalt Thou apprehend, for Thou art The All Hearing, though the congregation of loneliness attempts to seditiously impede your help. I know that the companionless shall not stand as eternally convicted felons, condemned to execution by these highly venomous, elapid snakes, for like Acanthophis Antarcticus, they keep their own Death-Watch.

O DIVINE ONE, refuse me not Thy protective shield. Leave me not as stark prey, as in a death-trap, exposed to the inimical usurption of loneliness and his perversive plan. Debar me not from Thy sacred shelter. Guide my steps not into the abiotic abattoir of loneliness. For his dwelling is absonant with death rattles, and decorated with morally tainted deeds; the rooms have damaged and inoperable furniture, and the presiding flowers are in a state of being grieved; the decadent pantry only has within it a poisonous mushroom of the genus amanita and spices of abnormal and scrofulous content; the windows permit no light to pass through, for they are covered with a thick mucus-like substance … like that which is found in the throat of a person immediately preceding death; the slivered and lascerated beds are harbingers of miscarriages and dionysian escapades; the pathogenic air, when breathed, causes a chafing lethargy, in that it harbors spirochaetotic bacteria that are injurious to man, and dog, and even swine and cattle.

O YE CONGREGATION of the forsaken, your dwelling is a sickening brothel, an atrocious hotel, a psychosomatically disordered apartment, a rude residence, a house of horrors, a broken establishment, a restless corporation, an abhorrent partnership, a ruthless company, a brutal business, an orgiastic organization, a disturbing enterprise, and a home that is not a home.

O YE CONGREGATION of the forsaken, absolute demolition or absolute conversion is your only salvation. Can’t you see? Can’t you hear? The implication is that you prefer conversion, in that you seek the company of the seer.

CONGREGATION, now listen as neophytes should and, if you learn this lesson, you will become doers of good: through perversion of your existence, you have nearly destroyed your natural inclinations to engage in peace. You must help man. Don’t try to lease his soul. Don’t use his heart as a target for your brooding arrows.

AGAIN, I SAY you have no heart. You are only a concept within in the mind, but each arrow that pierces the target inflicts pain in heart and mind. This is because they are so intimately connected with the body and soul. Realize that you are a concept with a silent voice that makes suggestions to the soul of man. Man is your brother, therefore suggest savory concepts to him with a fraternal voice.

OFFER HIM CONCERN and care, for these are the type of offerings that transform repining into peace, and they replenish the soul. Give ear to his needs. Make not folly of his ignorance if you find his language strange or foreign. Stand eternally together as a Universal Brotherhood, dedicated to peace through an uncompromising internal commitment, for, in essence, a Universal Brotherhood is its own Peace-Watch.

TIDY THE CONDOMINIUM of your conscience. Make it an extenuation of the sacred shelter, and welcome all men. Guide them all into a peaceful refuge and let them hear a euphoric knell. Build your house of moral fibers, and aromatic deeds. Replace the grieving flowers with plants that are valued for their bloom. Be sure that your pantry has vital nutritional substances within it, and spices that reinvigorate the heartsick soul. Clean the death-rattle mucus from your windows and welcome the light. Sterilize all mental micro-organisms as quickly as you can. Have nothing in your house that maybe injurious to man.

ABANDON YOUR BROTHEL, exchange the atrocious hotel for heaven on earth, convert the psychosomatic apartment into an adjunct of peace, make the rude residence a rumpus room, and convert the broken establishment into a Universal Aesthetic Center for body, mind, and soul. Then man shall be BLESSED.

Coined Terms:

“single-corrosive sublimate”