2 Replies to “Standing Up For Yourself By Any Means Necessary: Muslims in an Age of Intimidation”

  1. In the 90s in Harlem NY the African immigrant community were being attacked in front of their Masjid, other brothers and sisters and no one would defend themselves. It was us brother converts who were outraged and helped set-up a 40 day and night security around their two Masjid on the same block with a show of unity by paroling the block. As much as I want to believe all these incidents here and around the world are isolated- Allah does remind us “take your precautions”, “Tie you camel” and “rank hatred has appeared from their mouths what their hearts conceal is far worst.’ It is just the reality of our times and possibly only the beginning.

  2. As salaamu alaikum Marc & Ramadhan mubarak. You and your beloved family as always are in my heart and prayers this month. I’m listening to your video about the killing of young sister Nabra Hassanen as I reply here. The attacks on Muslim women are appalling, even though they are not unexpected in this social climate. Your comments are completely correct. We must take responsibility for each other. Muslim men must renew their understanding of their role and responsibility as the protectors, respecters and cherishers of women (as opposed to the oppressors, confiners and ignorers of wormen.) Muslims of all ages must renew their commitment to Muslim seniors and children. There was a time before the 1980s when it was general knowledge in the United States that Muslims were not to be harassed or assaulted because Muslims believed in self-defense. Muslim women were not bothered on the urban streets. More recent generations of Muslims – both immigrant and domestic-born have since been infected with the individualism that is rampant in this culture. We no longer identify with each other. We no longer feel responsibility for each other. We use dollars in the Muslim community to build grand mosque buildings rather than affordable senior housing and schools. Our children, our seniors and our divorced, widowed and unmarried women are left to fend for themselves in an increasing hostile environment. Astaghfirullah. This is not the sunnah of our prophet. May Allah grant you many blessings for your courageous words.

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