Since 1619

How many years since 1619 have I been singing Spirituals?
How long have I been praising God and shouting hallelujahs?
How long have I been hated and hating?
How long have I been living in hell for heaven?

When will I see my brother’s face wearing another color?
When will I be ready to die in an honest fight?
When will I be conscious of the struggle – now to do or die?
When will these scales fall away from my eyes?

What will I say when days of wrath descend:
When the money-gods take all my life away:
When the death knell sounds
And peace is a flag of far-flung blood and filth?

When will I understand the cheated and the cheaters;
Their paltry pittance and cold concessions to my pride?
When will I burst from my kennel an angry mongrel,
Lean and hungry and tired of my dry bones and years?

by Margaret Walker

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  1. At times we be be scared to live or scared to die ; at times we may fear neither. Matter can present itself in a solid, liquid or gas form. I love the entire poem & my two most stand out lines “when will these scales fall away from my eyes” and “And peace is a flag of far- flung blood and filth?” This style of poetry is like Free Verse.

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