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  1. Salaam. Thanks for your video imam. This is about your request for a higher ethical standard attached to ‘Muslim hipness’ rather than just imitation. I definitely agree with you and this question isn’t just in regard to the video but Muslim youth in general. Wouldn’t you agree that the difficulty for Muslim youth to set a trend in terms of ethical standards, is due to a lack of strong emotional and mental development in the Muslim community? And like the previous comment, a lack of intimate Islamic awareness and how this serves the growth of strong personalities, minds,etc.

  2. Jazakallahkhair Brother Manley. Myself being in most of need of checking, I try to ask myself as much as possible before every speech and action, WWMD or What Would Muhammad (pbuh) Do. Soon we pass from this earth and it wont matter what we did except for the sake of God in the manner in which is most pleasing to him.

  3. Brother Marc, thanks for your thoughts. I appreciated your words. But you’re suggesting a regulation of arts. I guess if we can’t arrange very lose borders for those regulations, we might end having no art at all in the end. Anyway thank you for your critical words on the critics!

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