Reclaiming the Discourse on Spirituality in Islam For Ramadan and Beyond

It was my pleasure to have been invited by Qurtuba Institute of ADAMS Center, in Virginia, to give a talk entitled “The Inner Dimensions of ‘Ibadah (Worship)“. In the following talk, I try to point out some of roadblocks and pitfalls associated with discourse on spirituality for Muslims today, particularly in the English-speaking world. I used a piece from John Dewey as a point of departure to help us truly achieve a more real and beneficial spiritual practice:

“When artistic objects are separated from both conditions of origin and operation in experience, a wall is built around them that renders almost opaque their general significance, with which esthetic theory deals. Art is remitted to a separate realm, where it is cut off from that association with the materials and aims of every other form of human effort, undergoing, and achievement.” — John Dewey, from Art As Experience.

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