Ramadan Came Early This Year

It’s been a long and steep road for me to learn appreciation for the little things in life. Tonight, that lesson continued in a truly tiny package.

Some years ago my wife traveled and studied in Morocco. She returned with a number of items but one, until this evening, I had never noticed before. While rummaging through an old box I discovered quite a curious little find: a diminutive little Qur’an. Its measurements a scant three inches long and just barely two wide. Its old cover a faded blue velvet, complete with a simple silver clasp. This little mushaf had a loved and used quality about it despite me having never gazed upon it before. I felt compelled to unlock its metal clasp.

Inside was typeset of the smallest font, though not of any unusual or hand-drawn style. Still curiously delighted I squinted to examine its pages. As I read a few verses I noticed some small dots I initially mistook for wear and tear and then a thought went off in my head: Morocco, dots… Warsh! Indeed, upon examining the cover page I was delighted to find, in the most excruciatingly small print, the words: برواية ورش عن نافع/”Wash ‘an Nafi’ (the recitation of Warsh transmitted from Nafi’.” Ironically I had been searching for just such a pocket-sized Qur’an in this very recitation with no luck. Truly, to God belongs every small and grandiose praise.

Ramadan Kareem.

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  1. salam 3alaykoum wa rahmatoullah,
    i am so happy for the islamic books available in your website.
    i have been looking for quran (riwayate warsh) for a long time, but with no success.
    finally found it in your website.
    thank you so much for your great and very appreciated effort.

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