Race & Religion – The Dialog Has Begun

Again, thank you to all of you who have taken a moment to comment on this issue. I am humbled that the response is as large as it has been and that it’s been a balance from both sides. It is my wish to continue this dialog and to carry it from a secular point of view into a forum where it can also mix a little bit with religion. So both sides have a say. I am intrigued to see the interplay of the social issues that certain groups face while still being a part of the seem spiritual group. Racism means many things to many people (or at least that’s what I gather). The racism that I may experience as a Blackamerican (tip of the hat to Professor Sherman Jackson) will not be the same as someone who’s Arab or Pakistani or Albanian (oh, yes. The Albanians are white but they do suffer from racism as well – now wouldn’t that make an interesting post/subject?).

And finally, how will Blackamerican Muslims use Islam as a vehicle to combat white supremacy and institutionalized racism? What tools can we extract from Islam and the Prophet’s Message to use in our fight for equality? I don’t know, but I’m sure some of you will have some ideas on that. Feel free to share.

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  1. Salaams,

    Hey, some people suggested I could possibly do a new blog or move a version of my blog to another site… but then I recently started thinking that it would be better (easier, more interesting, but also less demanding) to do a group blog… maybe on race/religion/American culture focused… interested?

  2. Actually I just thought about it somemore… how about a Blackamerican Muslim (Sunni/Shia) group blog… call it Third Resurrection. You, me, Adisa,
    there are some sisters out there too.

  3. As a Blackamericanmuzzy you need to ask, why do they hate us.

    Using Islam to combat “White supremicy” is like using gasoline to fight fires. You are trying to replace one supremacy with another that excuses and justifies bad behavior against non-Muslims. I would say whatever your battle with “white supremacy” was, it likely ended in the 1970’s, yet you continue to see it everywhere. When’s the last time you saw cross burnings or marches by skinheads? I say never.

    So, you are now back where you started. Why are you getting surpassed by every other demographic in America?

    Think back to your sandwich shop episode and then your looking for a rental. Do you think that just MAYBE your prospective landlord had similar experiences?

    What would have happened had you been white and said something to that bitch at the sandwich shop? What if her white bossman said something to her? You know she would have screamed “RACISM” at the top of her lungs.

    As an American, why do I need to deal with your shit when you and your own cant get your act together? Now you are looking to Islam, the religion primarily responsible for the enslavement of your own people world-wide. That’s rich!

    Fighting racism? Sure. Whatever.

  4. Jimmy,

    There were Nazis marching in Toledo just this weekend. So please don’t tell me that racism is over. Those old school obvious racists are very much alive in the US. On top of that, there are still definitely people who out of fear, greed or ignorance endorse policies which have detrimental effects on people of color in the US and around the world, even if they are “smart” enough to not be obvious racists.

    No one is asking you to deal with anything except for maybe your own denial.

  5. You know, I was gonna just ignore this idiot – but since one of ya’ll jumped into the fray I felt obliged to say a few words.

    First, Jimmy, explain how using Islam to combat racism is like throwing gas on a fire? Replacing one supremacy with another one? Hmm…, did I miss something? Oh, right, you didn’t explain yourself!! You just posted comments with nothing but a wet paper bag to prop themselves up with. Your statements also beg the question of what your intention was other than to try and get underneath the skill of some silly ol’ colored folk (cuz we’z is always so easy to git upset).

    Many people throughout history have used their faith as a vehicle to combat injustice. The Jews are a great example of that. Imagine what the world would be like today if Moses had said, “Pharaoh, just leave us alone”, vs. “Pharaoh, let my people go!”. Is that not a religious faith that was used as a vehicle to combat injustice and racism?

    I guess I should be posting a warning on this site: Warning!: NOT FOR USE WITH THOSE WHO HAVE A CLOSED-HEAD INJURY.

    You know, really, it’s not worth the time to engage this person or people like him. Perhaps, like a cancer or better yet, like demonic possession, the “body” of America will exercise them from the soul. Or like a spliter pushed to the surface. But I will still leave this forum open, if only to show that racism is still fully alive and kicking!! Thanks, Jimmy. I could not have illustrated my point more beautifully with ink and paper if it wasn’t for folks like you.

  6. Come on marqas, with talk like that you might hurt my feelings and that might make me sad. And I thought you were trying to open a dialog here.

    Racism needs a vehicle to help perpetuate it. That was my point. You go to lengths to keep yourself as segregated as any Jim Crow law did. You don’t consider yourself just an American, you have to self segregate even your nationality. Yet you then wonder why you are not accepted with open arms by the regular white folk.
    You are doing the very things that perpetuate racism far more than any Nazi or KKK freak ever could.
    Most us White folk just blow them idiots off like you should, unless you are looking for an excuse to play the race card. Then they sure come in handy, don’t they? The only discussion the Nazis and KKK would have about me and you would be which one of us they would lynch first.

    Abdul, 63 Nazis vs over 170 counter demonstrators is not exactly the second coming of Nuremberg. Plus, that wasn’t even in Philly.

  7. I’m not saying Nuremberg is around the corner just because Nazis were marching. But the fact that Nazis are marching at all certainly justifies a certain amount of concern. As good as you might think things are, we definitely still have a ways to go.

    Moreover, you can argue that its not necessarily a racial issue, but there have certainly been a number of scary and chilling developments in terms of what the government has been doing recently… the NSA spying on American citizens, the military planting stories in the Iraqi press, Bush needing to be convinced not to bomb Al-Jazeera, the government’s weak and not-very-comforting stance on torture…

    The times they are a changing…

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