It's Okay To Be A Follower

So what happens to a ship that has either a crew of captains or everyone’s rowing? Arguing over who’s in charge or no one’s in charge at all! I was listening to a recent audio clip from the Zaytuna Institute in which Hamza Yusuf pointed out that not everyone needs to be or even can be a scholar.

And that’s okay. What’s important is following the religious authority (there is one? Ooops, my bad. See the next article for that one). We have to get out of this notion that we’re all supposed to go off and study and become scholars of the religion. We need carpenters, lawyers, plumbers, doctors, cab drivers and entertainers just like any other society. We all can’t steer the ship nor can we all row blindly in the dark. And that’s just another bulletin from your friendly neighborhood Muslim-Man.

2 Replies to “It's Okay To Be A Follower”

  1. It’s true… but we need a functioning system of turning out Scholars who can deal with our varied societies, and be part of the community at large, in order to facilitate that.

    I remember reading n history books about how there was a ufti in every major city/region, who would answer the questions of the people.

    I just wonder where they all went!

  2. Yes. That is something that we do need. I recently attended a conference of imams who were talking about this very issue of having a standardized system of training imams. We must facilitate some manner of organization.

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