Islam in a Global Perspective: What Makes Islam Work?

The following is a lecture I gave at the University of Pennsylvania for UPenn’s MSA. This talk kicked off the Chaplain Chats for the Spring 2012 term.

For more on Islam and culture see my lecture Lecture on the Accommodation of Local Customs in Islamic Law at the Ella Collins 2012 Winter Retreat.

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  1. As-salamu Alaykum,

    How is everything dear brother. It is me Bruce, we met a few times. I am a student at Temple at am finishing my Master’s. Good news I just got accepted into the PhD program at Temple. My work will be on early Islamic Jurisprudence and the school of Medina. I would like to concentrate on Malik, the Muwatta’, and my opinion, which I plan on providing my proofs, is to show how in Morocco and Andalus the school of Malik was a school that produced some of the most amazing scholars of tassawuf, promoted a pluralism and tolerance, and was isolated from much of the political movements and was therefore more archaic and more original to the understanding of a living Sunnah.

    I love the site and the work you are doing. You have your baby, next month my third grandchild is being born, a boy in sha’Allah. I met you in the past and would like to meet you for coffee, discuss some ideas as far as work I am considering and I have a lot of questions for you. You have offered in the past to agree to lunch, I insist on me, so give me a call so I can discuss what is convenient for you. This is more personal in nature if you can remove this if it post I would appreciate it.

    Keep up the good work!


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