Islam and Social Work – A Lecture

I had the honor to speak at Rutgers University on the topic of Islam and social work. The audience was a graduate class which is studying the intersection of social work and spirituality. After giving a brief bio on myself and an intro on Islam, I talked about the concept of the “common good” or al-amr b’l-Ma’ruf الأمربالمعروف. It was a great opportunity to learn as well as impart, for it is painfully obvious that the Muslim community is in a shortfall when it comes to social work and providing social services. Several of the students, who work in the field of social work, highlighted that they are working with Muslims within the populations that they serve and they are often at a loss of how to acutely treat this clients due to their lack of familiarity of the religion as well as the absence of support and infrastructure within the Muslim community.

Many thanks to Brian for having me out.

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