Obstacles We Have To Over Come

I had a very interesting conversation with a brother last night outside the mosque. We were discussing some problems and issues that had come up recently but are not new issues or problems by any means.

The first case was of a young Muslim couple who were going through a hard time. Looking at this from the outside without any sense of reality, or their reality, you’d say this was all brought on them by themselves. While this summary isn’t far from the truth it does make for an interesting “case study”. Continue reading “Obstacles We Have To Over Come”

Islam & The Blackamerican – More Notes

I’ve been out of town for a few days on a shoot and have had some travel time to continue reading Professor Jackson’s book, Islam & The Blackamerican. It really is proving to be a most engaging read. I’ve reached the point in the book where Professor Jackson begins to talk about the transition from Islam as Black Religion to loosing its validity do to a number of influences. Some of those include the break-off of Warith-deen Muhammad from his father’s group, the Nation of Islam. The rise of sunni-Blackamerican Muslims and how they challenged the validity of not only the Nation, as it was viewed as straight heretical, but also Warith-deen’s off-shoot movement, since by it coming out of the Nation, it had a stigma attached to it. Continue reading “Islam & The Blackamerican – More Notes”

The Salafi Problem

What to do about the Salafi problem? They are most certainly an issue. They have caused and are causing considerable damage to the Blackamerican Muslim community. Now, I am not saying that they are kufar. Let’s get that straight. I am saying that their methodologies are not appropriate for the cultural climate in which they are trying to operate. As a matter of fact, they don’t seem to take culture into consideration at all. But as long as American Muslim imams and shuyukh can be “refuted” or seen to have no authority and or knowledge, they pose a difficulty for us. And many of us who have been “turned” by the Salaf, were done so not knowing any other alternative. So we’re gonna have to fight back against this tide. Begin to push and push and push until we can get a foot hold and some have some breathing space of which we can then begin to dismantle their concepts or at the very least, have a dialog. Wa Allahu ya’lamu ahsan (and Allah knows best).