Brass Crescent Awards 2008


Having just come off attending the 2nd Annual MANA Conference here in Philadelphia, it came as a pleasant surprise that the Manrilla Blog has been put in the running for Best Design in the 2008 Brass Crescent Awards, a joint project of The awards are meant to honor blogs that represent the best in Muslim blogging, with yours truly up for, “…[a] blog that has the most aesthetically pleasing site design, appealing to the eye, evoking Islamic themes, and/or facilitating debate and discussion.” My thanks to those who felt this blog worthy of nomination. Feel free to cast your vote here.

And to God goes all the praise and thanks,

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  1. Assalaamu alaikum,

    I was at MANA 2008 as well, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Unfortunately I missed the Sherman Jackson segment, alhamdulillah. I did catch the “Muslims & Hip Hop culture” segment. Were you actually there?

    Of all the interesting people I met at MANA, I could not find one Muslim blogger – or even one aware of the Muslim blogosphere!

  2. Amad – wa ‘alaykum salaam. Yes, I attend Jumu’ah often at Penn because my office is at 34th and Walnut so it’s a 5 minute walk for me. Yes, please do introduce yourself when you’re back and we’ll have lunch.

    Ma’a salaam.

  3. salam Br. Marc… I don’t know how I missed seeing you at MANA. I believe I saw you at a recent Jumuah at Penn (I gave a khutbah right after the Obama vote)?? I think it was you… if you do come there, then I’ll be sure to introduce myself next time inshallah.

    and mabrook on the award.

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