Ayan Hirsi Ali — “Islamic Scholar” at Prager University

So Ayan Hirsi Ali “knows Islam” from the inside and outside. I wonder if Prager University would allow an actual authority on the religion to teach about Islam vs. one who attempts to pass off personal experience (which I’m not questioning her personal experiences) as religious fluency and authority.

Typical in these arguments is a claim that (a) Islam is inherently violent and (b) violence, as seen either in the Muslim world or coming from Muslims, is self-explanatory. Simply put, from Ali’s perspective, there is no history of that violence. However, if Ali were to examine that history the conclusions would also indict her beloved West as being guilty in contributing to that violence, even in some cases, instigating it.

Clearly Prager University’s academic rigor is as laughable as it is political and polemical. They could easily have found someone who could teach Islam from a more neutral position, one which doesn’t whitewash violence committed by Muslims but also not enforcing imperialist objectives by suggesting violence, as it pertains to Muslims/Islam, is a closed-loop discussion.


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  1. The only thing more worrying than Prager calling itself a university is the fact that there are thousands of people out there who use its 5-minute animations to build their knowledge of the world.

    I am not going to be one-sided – there are similarly other 5-minute animations full of left-wing bias which are similarly used to feed the masses.

    This is 21st century where we are too busy to study anything but like to consider ourselves informed.

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