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  1. Assalamu-alaykum.

    I listened to that entire interview (as I have followed you for several years now and have listened to a few episodes from M. Mameluks). Overall, I enjoyed listening to you insights on your own journey into the field of ‘Islamic Leadership’. I thought you were honest and provided some valuable advice to people navigating that world. However, when it got to the race issue I was quite disturbed at their inability to ‘get it.’ And they are Muslims (mainstream, Quran, sunnah, conservative common sense) whom I would typically identify with. And I’m a white convert! It’s pretty simple…either your with Musa (as) or Pharaoh, Jesus (as) or Rome, etc, etc. but we are constantly reminded of the evils of oppression (and this is- I believe- the hope that Malcolm had in Islam for the future of white folks in America). I thought you gave some really valid arguments but they just seemed to refuse to acknowledge some pretty well-known truths about the situation. The oppressed aren’t always right about everything. Sometimes I think certain Af-Am even get things wrong about race or white folks but our default position should always be on the side of the oppressed (testify to the truth even against your own souls). The question of ‘why haven’t Af-Am been able to progress?’ is a valid question and a fair person should see the realities of oppression at work in answering this question. However, perhaps a more legitimate question for us (Muslims) should be ‘why is it that such a significant proportion of Af-Am have entered into Islam?’

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