A Spirituality of Few Difficult Demands? – A Khutbah

“What is missing in the new surrogate religions is a spiritual discipline — submission to a body of teachings that has come to be accepted even when it conflicts with immediate interests or inclinations and cannot constantly be redesigned to individual specifications … eclecticism in general makes few difficult demands, as a believer can shuffle the ingredients to suit his requirements for psychic comfort.” — Christopher LaschSoul of a New Age.

The following audio is from a khutbah delivered at the University of Pennsylvania, March 15th, 2013.


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  1. very much appreciated this discussion on “what do we do next?” after establishing ourselves. as a relatively recent graduate and very recent signer of my first apartment lease – I find myself often drifting to think about this accumulation of things/wealth subconsciously! I consciously set out, however, to live in an apartment/neighborhood that is lower income so that I can stay grounded in sabr and remember and appreciate the comforts I have iA. thanks again for the reminders.

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