The Virtues of Shawwal

For those who seek an immense reward, let us be reminded of the Six Days of Shawwāl.

من صام رمضان ثم أتبعه بست من شوال كان كصيام الدهر

“The one who fasts Ramadan and then follows that with six days in Shawwāl, it’s as if one fasts in perpitude.”Abu Ayyub, recorded in Sahih Muslim, 9/#1254

The Night Worth A Thousand Months

إِنّا أَنزَلناهُ في لَيلَةِ القَدرِ

وَما أَدراكَ ما لَيلَةُ القَدرِ

“We sent it down on the Laylah al-Qadr. And how will you know Laylah al-Qadr?”
Qur’an, 97: 1-2

Qadr – what does it mean? Is it “measurement”? Is it “power” (qudrah)? Is it “worth” or “rank”? Certainly one of its qualities is,

خَيرٌ مِن أَلفِ شَهرٍ

“[It’s worth is] better than a thousand nights!”
Qur’an, 97: 3

So let me ask you: If it is the night of measurement, of power, or worth, than ask yourself, “What is my self-worth?” “What am I worth?” “What is my soul worth?” Can our souls be bought for a few dollars? A few million? Can they be measured by brand names? How powerful is our soul? Is it weak? Is it strong?

Seek those answers in the Night Worth A Thousand Months.