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Establish A Daily Routine, A Khutbah

In a hadith, reported by Abu Hurayrah, the Prophet said:

وَمَنْ بَطَّأَ بِهِ عَمَلُهُ لَمْ يُسْرِعْ بِهِ نَسَبُهُ

“…and he who procrastinates in doing good deeds, his lineage does not expedite him in the slightest” — Sahih Muslim.

One of the major keys to achieving success in one’s Islam, not unlike other areas of life, is in time management.

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The Seminary of the Future

While watching Bloomberg’s Brink, I began to think how critical it is that we instill not only the values of “tradition” but also the values of creativity and innovation. I’d love to see something similar in the seminary of the future that inspires future religious leaders in the Muslim community to think outside, as much as inside, the religious box:

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Enlightened Path Conference

The Enlightened Path Conference fosters an intellectual environment to inspire American Muslims by challenging the critical issues that they are faced with. We bring together speakers to address specific topics and nurture discussions beyond the quintessential discourses found in the conventional conference. We’re building a platform for American Muslims to gain knowledge that will empower them with the intellect to face disciplines including religion, diversity, economics, finance, psychology, and more. The lineup of speakers includes:

Saad Tasleem, Kameelah Rashad, Ubaydallah Evans, Sohaib Sultan, AbdelRahman Murphy, Moutasem Atiya, and Suzy Ismail.

Mark your calendars: April 25th-27th. See the website for registration details. See you there, God willing.

Rancho Masjid Trifecta

The following videos, if you can take it, are the three parts of my visit to the Islamic Center of Inland Empire. Nearly five hours of khutbah, intro and 2-part talk on cultural relevancy. May God have mercy on those who rode the iron bull that was this lecture. My gratitude and thanks to the Rancho community for bringing me out in such style. Jazakum Allahu khayran.

March 14, 2014 | Marc Manley | Islam the Verb from ICIE on Vimeo.

3-14-14 lucture from ICIE on Vimeo.

Keepin’ It One Hunned – Thoughts on Conversion to Sunni Islam Part 3

Part three of a candid and honest conversation with a brother whose path to Islam came through the Nation of Islam and why many of us feel we’re encouraged to not have empathy for our own people: black, white, American, etc.

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