Modest Fashion Growing in Popularity in Indonesia

I do not often comment on things abroad, as my focus is mainly on the American Muslim community, but this segment from PRI’s The World, caught my attention while stuck in Los Angeles traffic:

“With more and more Indonesian women opting to wear headscarves, there’s a thriving hijab fashion scene. It’s so popular, even secular companies are cashing in. This summer, Japanese retailer Uniqlo hired a popular Muslim blogger Hana Tajima to design a modest clothing line.”

The Burning of Black Wallstreet

I wonder if we can also get a “never forget” campaign going for this insane and horrific event in American history:

The Burning of Black Wall Street. Olivia J. Hooker, the last surviver of the Oklahoma Disaster.

Hat tip to Joe for posting this on my feed.

A History of Detroit Jazz – Part 1

One of my past occupations was a brief stint trying to play jazz. I quickly realized I was much better spinning it (at WEMU) than playing it. Besides, my middle brother was already a professional jazz musician so that was being held down. But in addition to him, my uncle has been a part of the Detroit jazz scene since its inception. Every time I visit my uncle, he recounts to me numerous tales and encounters with some of the biggest names in jazz (who incidentally got their start in Detroit). As some of you know, I have written on the connection between jazz, jazz musicians, and Islam (in my opinion, jazz is the American Muslim nasheed). Below is a snippet of the conversation I had with my uncle. In sha’Allah, more to come.

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